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Specialty 2010

We want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL the help inside and outside the ring to our great friends - without all our super friends this could not have been done:-):-)

And now the results from this great team work:

Black schnauzer

(15 entries)

Mohner’s Dark Dare Devil (black): Club CAC

Velvet Black Grand Calvera (black): Best Veteran

Mohner’s Frisco-Girl (black): BOS

Pepper/salt schnauzer

(58 entries)

Mohner’s Titan (ps): BOS

Claro’s Lollypop (ps): CAC

Mohner’s Spicy (ps): BOB + BIS2

Rinard Billie Buttercup: Club CAC

Mohner’s Breeders class (ps): BOB + BIS3

Black schnauzer:

1specialty bl 2specialty bl

Chairman of the schnauzer club Welcome everybody

Mohner’s Dark Dare Devil getting the Club CAC in Ch-class

4specialty bl
3specialty bl

Mohner’s Gonzo places first and Mohner’s Gimli places second in Junior class

5specialty bl

Mohner’s Gimli being judged

6specialty bl

Miku’s Evolution - another nice son of Black Jack:-)

Velvet Back Grand Calvera 8 years old - Best Veteran

7specialty bl

Competition for best male

8specialty bl

Mohner’s Frisco-Girl  and Kim working...........

9specialty bl

....... their way.......

10specialty bl

.................to win......

11specialty bl


12specailty bl

BOB: Tacillan Ronaldo  BOS: Mohner’s Frisco-Girl

13specailty bl

Even the youngest helped doing the last finish - here it is Laura brushing Suerte

Pepper/Salt schnauzer:

1Monty specialty 2Monty specialty

Judge focused on Mohner’s Titan - Titan focused on Helle - Helle focused on Titan and the judge:-)


Still in focus:-)

4Monty specialty

And now focus on the owner - or maybe on a girl:-)

Shelly Monty

...and here we have our Australian friend, Shelley Hancox focused on Titan:-):-)

6Ch males specailty

Champion class males

7Bismark specialty

Mohner’s Homemade 1 year old in junior class

8Epo specialty

Mohner’s Epo Effect 19 month, winning intermedia class

12Lolly specialty

2 grandsons of Felice di Steven in “winners corner”: Claro’s Lollypop and Adiolas Alenzo

10Lolly specialty

Claro’s Lollypop winning open class:-)

13Lolly specialty

Claro’s Lollypop winning second best male after his father, and winning the CAC:-)

14Grooming specialty
15Turi specialty

Stavros and Mohner’s Copycat in champion class

Females getting groomed and ready for the ring:-)

16Billie specialty

Kim and Rinard Billie Buttercup in champion class

17Spicy specialty

Helle and Mohner’s Spicy in champion class

18Spicy specialty 19Spicy specialty

Spicy working her way up in ch class - and winning the ch class... second in ch class was Rinard Billie Buttercup

21Spacey specialty

Mohner’s Outsider in Space - the Veteran saying: “ Give me that treat - NOW!!!!!”

22Best female specialty

Everybody running for best female.........

23Spicy & Billie specialty

...... and we kept on running.............

24Spicy & Billie specialty

...... and then winning : Mohner’s Spicy - second was Billie Buttercup

25BOB specialty

BOB competition: Mohner’s Titan and Mohner’s Spicy:-)

26BOB specialty

BOS: Mohner’s Titan   BOB Mohner’s Spicy

28Breeders class specialty

Mohner’s Breeders class - BIS3 :-)

27BIS specialty

Mohner’s Spicy - BEST IN SHOW 2:-)