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L2 litter

Hvalpe født d. 20 nov 2010 - Turi fik 11 hvalpe - 3 hanner og 8 tæver:-)   Puppies are born Nov 20th 2010 - Turi got 11 puppies - 3 males and 8 females


World winner 2008 + 2010, Danish, Club,  Swedish, Norwegian, Finish, Nordic, International, German club, German vdh champion, PSK club sieger, ISPU sieger 2007, etc etc...  Mohner’s Titan


Turi pup

Danish, Swedish, International champion Mohner’s Copycat


Mohner’s Titan

Felice Di Steven

Tip Top Concorde

Gentiana di Fora

Mohner’s Outsider In Space

Mohner’s Marco Millennium

Uschi Chapiro

Mohner’s Copycat

Casso’s Jalabert

Quito Chapiro

Casso’s Izzie Isabella

Grey Tetis New Viktory

Baron Koring

Grey Tetis European Top Model

7 weeks old:-)

BlueWhite L2 7

Blue/white - Mohner’s Legend For Halcyon

Blue L2 7 Green L2 7

Blue - Mohner’s Lady-Killer

Red L2 7

Red - Mohner’s Look A Like

RedWhite L2 7

Red/White - Mohner’s Lady Gaga  (denne her hvalp er til Freja;-))

RedYellow L2 7

Red/Yellow - Mohner’s Lulu Louise

Purple L2 7

Purple - Mohner’s Limited Edition

Green - Mohner’s Lifestyle

White L2 7

White - Mohner’s Lexie

Yellow L2 7

Yellow - Mohner’s Let’s Party

RedPurple L2 7

Red/Purple - Mohner’s La Mour

PurpleWhite L2 7

Purple/white - Mohner’s Legacy For Halcyon

The days around the delivery:

L2 1 L2 2


.................. after (puppies 12 hours old)

L2 3

New ribbons - and everybody make sure that I do it right:-)

L2 4

Turi is making sure that the ribbon is not to tight:-)

L2 5

And Nikolas make sure they come safely back to Turi:-)

L2 6

Bar is open:-)